Beauty Test Drive: Can Bra Shopping At Home Really Work?

For me, dating and bra shopping are analogous. I enter both scenarios with excited anticipation and high hopes of finding a good fit only to be met with similar disappointments. The attractive ones often end up making me uncomfortable. The seemingly sensible ones offer little support. Usually, both end up in either a figurative or quite literal let down. Dating and bras; my success rate with both has led to some serious lamenting with lady friends. “Will I ever find the one?”

While I have yet to discover an adequate match maker to solve my dating dilemmas, I have found a solution to finding the perfect bra. Freshpair’s At Home Bra Fitting Program, or as I have dubbed this ingenious service, “my fairy bra mother.”

The premise is simple. You, in the comfort of your own home, call up a Fresh Pair expert and describe your ideal bra or bras. She asks you a series of thoughtful questions about size, fit, and style. Then based on your conversation, she looks through Fresh Pair’s extensive catalog and hand picks 10 bras that meet your criteria. The whole thing takes 15 minutes. Two days later, the bras show up at your front door. You keep what you like. What you don’t, you put back in the box and return, postage paid. They even give you 7 days to make your final decision. No awkward interactions with pushy sales people. No visiting several stores only to leave empty handed. Simple.

I decided to try it out. The Freshpair expert that helped me could very well win an award for most pleasant customer service rep in the history of customer service AND 8 out of the 10 bras that I received were PERFECT! Not okay or acceptable; perfect. Supportive, comfortable, beautiful, quality bras. I felt like I hit the lingerie lottery!

Now, if only I could find a dating service that could offer the same odds, I might be able to find someone worth showing my new unmentionables to. [Freshpair]