An Imagined Conversation With This Coy Model

Me: Whatcha got there?

Model: Where?

Me: In your hands.

Model: Nothing.

Me: No, it’s obvious you’re hiding something.

Model: Well, I’m not. I’m just resting my hands here like this.

Me: I’m not sure anyone has ever just rested their hands like that.

Model: Like what?

Me: Like they’re hiding something in their crotch region. Let’s play 20 questions!

Model: Why?

Me: To guess what you’re holding in your hands.

Model: Uhhh, OK?

Me: Is it a dog?

Model: No.

Me: Is it a flower?

Model: No. Dude. Have you ever played 20 questions?

Me: Shh. 18 more questions to go…

[Convertible Wool Coat, $228, Free People]