Morning Quickies: Julia Roberts As The Evil Queen

  • How psyched are we to see Julia Roberts and Lily Collins in the new Snow White flick? How freaky does Julia look here as the Evil Queen? Oh, and there are more looks, including Lily’s amazing swan hat. Suck it, Bjork. [ONTD]
  • Sharon Osbourne had her breast implants removed. [People]
  • Rihanna rode the subway to her own show in London. How plebeian! [Celebuzz]
  • This chick explains why she dyed her pubes hot pink. [xoJane]
  • An ode to Diet Coke. How did Amelia not write this herself? [HelloGiggles]
  • Amanda Knox’s father says the Lifetime made-for-TV movie depicting her as a violent criminal is “bulls**t.” [TMZ]
  • NPR is streaming a Laura Marling concert on their site, which might just be what I listen to all day. [NPR]
  • Apparently many airlines do not allow French bulldogs to fly because they have a tendency to die during the flight. [Gawker]