Diablo Cody’s New Flick “Young Adult” Takes Some Risks

Say what you will about the choices Diablo Cody has made as a result of her fame from “Juno,” but the woman takes risks — huge risks — with what she puts out there. (That campy Megan Fox/Amanda Seyfried horror movie that flopped? Exactly.) Her newest movie coming out this holiday season is called “Young Adult” and stars Charlize Theron as a 30-something woman who heads back to her hometown looking for her ex, who is married with a new baby. I think you’ll agree with me after watching this trailer that this film is going to be risky. First of all, there’s nothing funny about Charlize Theron. She’s a great dramatic actress (watch “North Country” if you haven’t already) and she is gorgeous, but she is not funny.

And second of all, no one likes a pretty bitch who tries to break up a marriage, especially a marriage where there’s a kid. In less than two minutes of a trailer, even I didn’t like Charlize’s character and I’m smack-dab in the demographic of women who will probably see a movie like this. Commenters on a Hairpin post about “Young Adult” say Theron has a Katharine Heigl quality to her here and that’s a laser-perfect assessment.

Am I off on this estimation? Will “Young Adult” be a smash hit like “Juno”? Tell me I’m wrong in the comments! [The Hairpin]

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