10 Things We’ll Miss About Kate

As you may have surmised from the title of this post, our beloved Kate is leaving us today. (She’s off to bring her particular brand of genius to another lucky website!) I know, we’re sad too. Or really “sadz,” as Kate would say. How do we even begin to say goodbye to our pop culturista extraordinaire? I suppose we should start by thanking her for all she’s brought to the Frisky as a team member and a friend. Please join us in bidding adieu to the lovely K8 (that’s how she signs her name sometimes). After the jump, the things we’ll miss about her the most.

1. Her cat lover-dom. It’s hard to imagine a life devoid of stories about her kitty Cleo. And who will come up with genius slideshow ideas like “Celebrity Men Who Love Cats.”

2. Having our own personal cheerleader on staff. She doesn’t wear a uniform or do herkies or anything, but Kate has the spirit of a cheerleader in her heart. If you ever need encouragement or your own personal pep rally, she’s the lady to go to. This woman’s optimism is just unwavering. We wave our batons in reverence.

3. She’s a word ninja. She works so quietly behind her computer that you’d never suspect she was rapidly beating stories into 100 percent pure amazing. Her ability to inform whilst  being hilarious is just totally bad ass. She also makes a mean charticle.

4. The blue streak. We all love her signature blue streak. In fact, we were looking for clip-ons to wear for her last day, but we didn’t get our act together. We’re lame, but the blue streak is cool.

5. Hearing the words “delicious salad,” “that’s my jam,” and “perfies” on the regular. Kate has a special way of talking that includes made up words and signature phrases. She likes to change them up, but you can always count on her to deliver creative language.

6. The pop of her Diet Coke tab after lunch. She is one of many Diet Coke addicts in the office. It will be sad to hear one less tab popping every day.

7. Her professionalism. Kate’s demeanor is calm and focused in pretty much every scenario. She is loyal, discreet, and never lets her personal business interfere with getting the job done.

8. Her glamorous style.  The lady looks gorgeous in jewel tones. She styles a mean Forever 21 dress. Oh, and we’ll totally miss the jangling of her her funky jewelry.

9. Her mastery of pop culture and knowledge. Who else can be current on every headline featuring Rubik’s Cube, Smurfs, Jem and the Holograms, Guinness World Records, and umlauts while also managing to be up to date on every important television show? It’s staggering.

10. Her zest for life. In addition to her endless pop culture knowledge, she somehow finds time to have an active social life, swim, do improv and participate in a writing group! We don’t know when she sleeps, but we sure are inspired.

We’re going to miss the hell out of you, Kate!