Saved By The Boob: 6 Woman Who Owe Their Lives To Breast Implants

A 40-year-old woman in Moscow must be extremely happy with her decision to get silicon breast implants five years ago. And not just because her tatas look great in a tank top. Apparently, her implants saved her life. When she and her husband got in a fight earlier this week, he flew into a rage, picked up a knife and stabbed her in the left breast, apparently going for her heart. But because of her implants, the knife didn’t reach her vital organs. Her surgeon confirmed that if she hadn’t had a boob job, she would have died in the stabbing. Egads. [Gawker]

Bizarrely, this isn’t the first woman who owes her life to her implants. More cases after the jump.

  1. When a gunman burst into the Beverly Hills dentist’s office where she worked and opened fire, hitting her in the chest, Lydia Carranza didn’t think she would survive. But the fact that she’d had her chest boosted from a B-cup to a D-cup turned out to be a blessing. “She’s just one lucky lady. The bullet fragments were millimetres from her heart and her vital organs,” her surgeon explained. “Had she not had the implant, she might not be alive today.” Sadly, the gunman’s wife was killed in the horrific attack. [Telegraph]
  2. In 2006, a woman in Bulgaria gave new meaning to the term airbags. When Elena Marinova, 24, was in a head-on collision, her 40DD breasts absorbed much of the impact of the crash. A police officer explained, “They worked just like airbags—protecting the victim’s ribs and vital organs from damage. [But] they are not as safe as the real thing because they exploded, which airbags are not supposed to do.” [The Register]
  3. Israeli model Orit Fox sure got a bad assignment earlier this year when she was asked to pose with a snake for the Spanish television show “Telecino.” She wrapped the snake around herself, giving it a kiss. And then the boa bit her on the chest. The snake’s handlers stepped in and Fox was rushed to the hospital for a tetanus shot. She was fine. But some sites reported that the snake died of silicone poisoning, though that detail has not been confirmed. []
  4. In 2006, a woman was saved from a terrifying terrorist attack by her implants. The 24-year-old Israeli woman was snared in a Hezbollah rocket attack, but her silicone implants luckily kept shrapnel from reaching her heart. So scary! [Fox News]
  5. Earlier this year, a 35-year-old woman in Florida was diagnosed with a very rare ailment—a “floating heart.” Apparently, because the woman had her right lung removed, her heart had a little space to wander, causing all sorts of problems. But her doctors had a clever solution. Breast implants now keep her heart in place. [Reveal Your Beauty]