Meet Your New Super Cool Eco-Friendly Glasses

Even though geek-chic has been a colossal trend the past few years, we’re completely over thick plastic frames. We’re moving on to hipper wood frames by Sire’s Crown, which uses eco-friendly woods and plastics to make their eyeglasses and sunglasses.

It’s simple logic that eyeglasses should enhance, not detract, from your features, especially since you wear them all day, everyday. And Sire’s Crown has a frame to fit every face and lifestyle. We’re quite smitten with the Moorea frames, which are available in nine different woods and remind us of glasses Hyde would have worn on “That ’70s Show.” The Dylan Thomas frames are also available in a variety of woods and were inspired by the Welsh poet. These frames have a classic wayfarer vibe, so they’ll look chic on many faces. Sire’s Crown also produces glasses with eco-friendly plastic fronts for those that enjoy a bit of mixed media.

Moorea Frames

All Sire’s Crown glasses are handcrafted, feature Swiss hinges and UV protected lenses, and are made in California. But what’s even better than the instantly cool style factor of Sire’s Crown glasses is that for every pair of glasses sold, the company will plant 20 to 100 trees through Trees For The Future, which has helped communities around the world plant trees since 1989. So if you’re like us and prefer to let your style do good deeds while making you look good, then we invite you to check out Sire’s Crown.

 Dylan Thomas Frames