Tareq Salahi Pitching A Dating Show

Over the past few years, some very unappealing men have managed to land their own reality TV dating shows. Let’s just say that I have never had any desire to date Flavor Flav. Nor could I ever stand Bret Michaels’ catch phrase “What’s a goin’ on?” in real life. Sure, I do think Ray J is hot, but anyone who has a sex tape is probably just not for me. But now we have truly reached the bottom of barrel. After Tareq Salahi’s wife left him for Journey guitarist Neal Schon, he has figured out a way to make lemonade out of lemons. Sources close to the “Real Housewives of D.C.” alum say that Tareq is pitching a dating show called “Seducing Salahi,” where 14 women will compete for his affections.

The show would shoot at his winery in Virginia and, allegedly, networks are actually interested in this series. Tareq apparently believes that women will want to compete for his love because he is so charming (read: controlling) and rich (read: a self-admitted $3.3 million in debt). Homedude must be dreaming. VH1, I know this show has your name written all over it. But do not pick it up. Please.