Beauty Test Drive: Spa Sonic Skin Care System

OK, so this has been the year of skin woes for me. First, I accidentally burnt my lips using two common beauty products — teeth whitener and Blistex. After a few weeks, my lips healed for a short time, and then began to peel again. Few products offered any long-term therapeutic relief, and after speaking to my dermatologist, we realized that I had eczema around my lips.

You’re probably wondering, What does this have to do with a Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face & Body Polisher? Allow me to explain.

Well, I figured out that the main cause of my eczema was my trusty 10 percent benzoyl peroxide wash. I’ve used this face wash for almost a decade and was afraid of how my skin would react without it. Would it go back to the years when I had more white and black heads than smooth skin? And was constantly under the threat of a big zit explosion atop my nose? I was scared and knew that using my Claro acne-clearing device on every single blemish would be impossible.

So I switched washes to Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleansing Gel, which I love despite the old lady smell. Then I began using the Spa Sonic system every other day or two for a deeper clean. This Spa Sonic system includes two face scrubbing brushes and a face sponge for applying creams and gels. I am absolutely impressed with the exfoliating abilities of the scrub brush. It seemingly sloughed away every cell of dead skin from my mug, which radiated so much that I actually went without makeup — and I never do that in public. Plus, you get a nice face massage from the oscillating bristles.

I didn’t think the body polisher — a larger brush attachment — would work as well as the face brush, but it did. After one use, my skin actually had a reflection spot like other shiny things do. I will say that it was kind of awkward trying to cleanse and exfoliate my body with this device, especially since I’m used to working a mesh sponge. And I don’t see how anyone can use it on the back without any help … unless she’s a contortionist. For some reason, I never feel as if my neck gets as clean as it should when I shower regularly, but the Spa Sonic took care of any concerns. My neck was so smooth and soft, perfect for pinching, which I’ve had a habit of doing since I was a baby.

This Spa Sonic system also comes with a pumice stone attachment to smooth rough areas–like the elbows, knees, and heels, which is where I tried it out. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the pumice stone. I don’t think a device that oscillates at just the right speed to be used on the delicate face can oscillate fast enough to smooth rough foot skin. I found that a hand-held pumice stone and some elbow grease work much better than the Spa Sonic pumice stone.

So my verdict on the Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face & Body Polisher: It does wonders on the face and body (well the parts you can reach) and not so much on the feet. And I also appreciate that replacement brushes can be purchased separately. And that brings me to the price of this whole system, and I have one word: Fantastic! Think about it this way, similar devices retail for more than $100 and don’t include as many attachments, and the complete Spa Sonic system costs about the same as one facial, not including the gratuity. [$65, Target]