Dating Site For Vegetarians Lets In (Gasp) Meat Eaters

I have been a vegetarian for, oh, most of my life. Yet, only once have I dated another vegetarian. I won’t lie—it was very convenient. When we went out for dinner, we could always split dishes. And I appreciated not getting the verbal poking and prodding as to why I’m a vegetarian and what I’m missing out on, something my meat-eating paramours have all tended to do. (For the record, even if you don’t get it, it’s important to me. It isn’t something I plan on changing.) Still, I wouldn’t say that I’d prefer to date vegetarians. It’s just one of those things that doesn’t rank on my scale of Things That Really Matter.

But that probably isn’t true, however, for people who join the British online dating site, Veggiedates. The homepage shows a woman feeding a dude a slice of a pepper with chopsticks, and it claims to be a place for “single vegetarian men and women looking for love.” But the site is in some hot water. Because while vegetarians were paying the membership fees, the site actually uses a shared database with many other, non veggie-focused sites. Meaning that the majority of potential matches on the site are actually meat eaters.

The British Advertising Standards Authority has taken issue with this. “Claims on the home page gave the impression that the Web site was for vegetarians, they were misleading,” the authority explains.

Meanwhile, the site defends its validity saying that users can check a box indicating they are vegetarian and they can restrict their searches for potential partners to the subset of people who did the same. But, I can also imagine that they might get emails/winks/etc from people who don’t fit the vegetarian criteria, no?

I’m not sure what to think of this. If you are a vegetarian, are you more interested in dating another vegetarian? And if so, do you find the set-up of this site okay or misleading?

And now, can we talk about how Veggiedates is a really silly website name? It makes me picture a guy and a girl holding hands while strolling along a crazily over-sized cucumber.

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