Reebok’s Butt-Toning Sneakers Don’t Actually Tone Your Butt

Jessica Wakeman | September 29, 2011 - 4:40 pm

Wait, you mean you actually have to exercise to tone your butt? Damn it!

That collective groan you hear are the scads of Reebok EasyTone customers who spent over $100 each on a pair of sneakers that the Federal Trade Commission recently ruled has “deceptively advertised” its customers. The FTC ruled that EasyTone and RunTone brand sneakers had none of the butt-toning abilities advertised and that anyone who bought the faulty sneaks could get a refund. Reebook has agreed to pay a $25 million settlement, although they stand by the tush-boosting claims they’ve made about their shoes.

“In order to avoid a protracted legal battle, Reebok has chosen to settle with the FTC,” the company said in a statement. “Settling does not mean we agreed with the FTC’s allegation; we do not,” Reebok said. “We fully stand behind our EasyTone technology — the first shoe in the toning category inspired by balance-ball training.”

All I can say is watch out, Sketchers ShapeUps! You’re probably next. And it’s back to squats for the rest of us.

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Image via iStockphoto