What Is A Yogasm?

On Tuesday night, I went to a yoga class. Truth be told, I really enjoyed it. But on the way out of the studio, I couldn’t help but overhear another student in the class say to her friend, “I feel so connected to the universe after that.” As someone who recoils at new agey expressions, I instantly felt turned off. I mean, yes, it felt lovely to exercise, breathe, and stretch—even though people speak of it in these terms, it never feels that spiritual to me.

So imagine what I thought when I read a Daily Beast piece this morning about the “yogasm”—the phenomenon of women having orgasms during a yoga class.

Apparently, this is a thing.

Kelly Morris, a senior Jivamukti Yoga teacher, says, “I’ve had women come up to me, usually very embarrassed and freaked-out, and ask, ‘Is this normal? Is this allowed? Is this irreligious?’ I do my best to reassure them that it’s natural. Then I tell them not to waste it, the way you have an ice cream and enjoy it and then it’s gone.”

Another woman in the article recalls having a yogasm recently. “I was in lotus pose, focusing on breathing and lifting the muscles of my pelvic floor,” she said. Then her instructor “pressed his body against her back and synchronized his breath with hers, lifting her ribs as she inhaled, and pushing down on her thighs” and—tada— she had an orgasm. Though it sounds like maybe this was more from the physical contact with her hot teacher than from the yoga itself?

I’m a touch skeptical here, but according to the article, many women seem to have experienced it. What about you—have you ever had a yogasm?

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