The “Pippa Butt Lift” Is The New Plastic Surgery Craze

Finally, something to do with all that excess fat on your stomach: redirect it to your ass for “the Pippa butt lift.”

Plastic surgery clients now want to emulate the most overrated white girl booty in the world — that of Pippa Middleton, royal maid of honor and scene stealer. “Good Morning America” talked to Miami single mom Christina Valdez, who envied Pippa’s petite waist and poppin’ booty so badly that she went under the knife.

Valdez had to gain weight for “the Pippa butt lift,” because new fat is easier for gluteal sculpting than old fat. After a two-hour surgery, she dropped several sizes on her waist and now flaunts a bigger badonkadonk. She even had to go shopping for new clothes for her new figure.

There’s just a couple of problems — and some might say they are bigger than her new butt. Girlfriend can barely sit down and the size of her ass is expected to shrink in the coming months. Hmm. I predict the emergence of a new phenomenon: “the Pippa butt sag.” [Huffington Post]