Style Inspiration: Rome Right Now

Alright, we’ve covered the current looks of London and Paris, now it’s time to talk about Rome! This city is sexy, edgy, and colorful, and so is the fashion aesthetic. Women here love mixing masculine and feminine looks, trendy pieces with classics, and bright colors with more bright colors–then they jump on their Vespas and away they go. Here’s how to get the look…

Pleated Trousers: Bonus points for high waist, cuffed hems, and bright color. [$40, Topshop]

Flirty Tanktop: Romans love to show a little skin. [$23, Old Navy]

Gladiator Sandals: Maybe a nod to their warrior ancestors, maybe a nod to present-day trends, or maybe (most likely) both. [$185, Zappos]

Fierce Statement Purse: And nothing makes more of a statement than red. [$68, Urban Outfitters]

Multistrand Bracelet: Whether pearls, gems, or heavy metals, this adds a rock and roll vibe to any outfit. [$24, Kohls]

Aviator Sunglasses: The bolder, the better. [$10, Amazon]