Is Karlie Kloss Too Young To Be Nearly Nude In Allure?

How young is too young for nude shots? Some are up in arms over a recent photo of 19-year-old model Karlie Kloss that appeared in Allure magazine. Allure, you say? Yes, shockingly the beauty mag has raised the ire of fashion critics for employing the still-technically-a-teenager-Kloss in a Allure’s “Best of Beauty” shoots–one of which is a soapy beauty photo where her breasts are barely covered by bubbles.

But are the photos really too racy?

The images, shot by renowned photographer Mario Testino, seem less sexual than straight up beauty shots. Kloss isn’t lying prone, exposed and overtly sexualized in a way that amps up her burgeoning sexuality. And given that 19 is practically geriatric in the mega-young world of modeling, is Kloss’ age really a concern? Fashionista says yes: “We’re a little uncomfortable with the whole thing–and we’re a little shocked it’s appearing, in Allure of all place,” wrote Haley Phelan.

But then, Kloss has been walking the runways in sheer and barely-there garments since she was 15. So what do you think? Is Kloss too young, or are these shots par for the model course? [Fashion Copious]