Black Men Targeted By Anti-Abortion Billboard

Not content to just shame black women for having abortions, an anti-abortion group is now targeting black men with their controversial billboards. “Fatherhood starts in the womb,” reads a new billboard in California paid for by Issues 4 Life and The Radiance Foundation (the same group behind billboards in other states that compared abortion to slavery and other offensiveness). It depicts a black man kissing his partner’s pregnant belly — which, judging by the size of it, is about nine months along. “The abortion industry has created a culture of abandonment. Responsibility has become someone else’s concern, and death the solution to ‘unplanned’ pregnancies — the natural result of sexual behavior,” anti-abortion activist Ryan Bomberger, told “There’s nothing natural about an industry that generates over $200 million, annually, by killing a child left defenseless by the absence of a father.” Anyone who cares about the welfare of children can agree that fathers — most fathers, actually — should step up to the plate. That’s why this billboard seems so innocuous. But this particular messaging conveys a dangerous idea: simply by impregnating a woman you are a father and are entitled to control what happens to that kid. Nevermind that fatherhood is about your actions, not just biology. As long as it was your sperm, you’re entitled! Yes, even you, guy who hangs out all day outside the 7-11 selling weed. Get a clue, “pro-lifers”: Some of the men who get women pregnant aren’t ready to become fathers. The alcoholics? The drug addicts? The guys headed to prison — again? Please, show me the case reports of men who learn that their partner is pregnant and turn their poor life choices 180-degrees around.

Yet it’s not difficult to imagine some men stopping, threatening or coercing women from terminating a pregnancy if they believe she is killing his “child” (even if that “child” is a zygote/fetus) that he is apparently entitled to force her to bear simply because he ejaculated inside her. Anti-abortion activists have long tried to convince women they and their fetuses need to be “defended” from money-hungry abortion providers. Now it seems they’re trying to convince men fetuses need to be defended from the person who is carrying them. The “fatherhood begins in the womb” billboard is yet another examine of anti-abortion activists who don’t care about women making decisions about their own bodies.

Well, at least this billboard is less racist than the other ones, right?


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