Crazy Woman Thinks She Can Sell Missoni For Target Boots For $31K

And in the “Are You Out of Your Damn Mind?” category: A woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is trying to sell a pair of Missoni for Target rainboots on eBay for $31,000. Yes, you read that correctly. She’s hoping she can sell the boots — which retail for $34.99 — for $31K on eBay, in order to pay for her daughter’s college education. As Tammy Lyn explained to CNN Money, “We have lived frugally and have some savings, but like most Americans, it’s just not enough to cover college, retirement, and life at this point.” And while she says she’s received some negative comments for the stunt, she has faith that someone, somewhere will see her posting and pull through. Not only that, she’s set aside a few other Missoni for Target items with the goal of using them to pay for her daughter’s second, third and fourth years of school. It sounds like she has a lot of faith in the Missoni for Target line. And perhaps a skewed understanding of free market economics. [CNN Money]