Awesomely Bad Show Idea: “Extreme Musical Chairs”

We have mixed feelings about The CW’s TV offerings that have debuted so far this season—”Ringer” isn’t quite what we hoped, while “The Secret Circle” has exceeded our expectations. But apparently the network is working on a reality series for next year that sounds amazing. It is called “Extreme Musical Chairs.” No, like, really. The show will subject contestants to indoor obstacle course that makes it so hard to plop their butts in the final chair and stay in the game. The show comes courtesy of Phil Gurin, the mastermind behind “Shark Tank” and “The Singing Bee.” For future consideration, I would like to suggest to Phil “Extreme Slip ‘n’ Sliding.” Those things were so thin that I did usually end up with bruises from roots and errant rocks after an good slide. [Huffington Post, Reuters] Want to contact the writer of this post? {encode=”[email protected]” title=”Email her”}!