The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Tyra Shaves Nigel’s Head On “ANTM”

Last night, the second “America’s Next Top Model” all-star got kicked to the curb all over again. And overall, I am happy to report that this season feels like it’s picking up steam, with stakes high enough for me to keep on watching. After the jump, the good, the bad, and the WTF moments from last night’s episode. Though the absolute best moment is right here, for your viewing pleasure.The Good:

  • The week’s lesson. I’m glad to hear that the show is aware these girls want to make it in show business and decided to devote a week to “making a career out of your 15 minutes.”
  • Ashlee Simpson is a guest judge. She proceeds to explain how her clothes and hair makes her feel like different characters. “Today, I’m Rod Stewart,” she says.
  • The word “Ty-overs.” This term Ashlee gives to the models’ makeovers is so bad it’s good. How did it take so many cycles to come up with this?
  • Kayla goes red again. Yay!
  • Alexandria’s schizo reaction to her haircut. She keeps saying, “I’m so happy. I’ve never cried so many tears of joy.” When obviously, she was horrified and trying to put a good face on it.
  • Laura modeling her hot dog. She is so cute and such an outrageous poser that it is always fun to watch. I love that she wasn’t afraid to smear chili on herself.
  • Lisa modeling her hot dog. Again, so much fun to watch. I love that she goes nuts, even doing shots where she chews food and shows it to the camera. She doesn’t question her ideas at all.
  • Isis designed her own dress. And it’s awesome. No, like, she is really talented.
  • Allison’s photo. So stunning. My favorite.
  • Bre leveling with the panel. When they asked about her low energy she said, “When I was on the show before, I was a teenager. I can’t give you 19 now. I can give you a great 25.” It felt really honest to me, even though the judge’s hated it. More on that below.
  • Tyra shaves Nigel’s head before announcing who is going home. Nigel looked so doofy with hair. This really needed to happen.

The Bad:

  • That branding expert. He was obviously smart and had done a lot of homework on how people feel about each of the contestants. But boiling it all down to one word felt kind of pat.
  • Ashlee Simpson was introduced as an “actress” and “designer.” Let’s be honest. She is neither of those things. She is a has-been musician who promises Tyra she is currently in the studio.
  • Bianca’s attitude in the salon. I thought it was nasty that she kept saying how weaves are “tacky” in front of the woman doing her weave.
  • Bre’s reaction to her haircut. She totally freaked about not that much hair being cut. Didn’t she know this was a possibility?
  • The hot dog photo shoot. Sure, this was cute. But it was also so similar to last week’s shoot and was just overall kind of boring. We want the girls to dangle from outrageous heights, or have to pose with a lion, or at least get some insane, high fashion hair, makeup, and styling.
  • The judges laughing at Bre during panel. After she said the thing about not being 19 anymore, all the judges cracked up. I thought this was kind of dismissive. I mean, people do mellow as they grow up. It’s not okay to expect the same crazy vibe from someone six years later. When Brittany tried to act like the crazy party girl she had been on the show last week, she was sent home because it felt so forced.

The WTF:

  • The glam rock credits. What’s up with the crazy rock music and smearing blood on the camera? It’s so un “Top Model.”
  • All the headscarves the girls wore in their individual interviews. This must have been some kind of group choice, because they all did it at some point.