Does Your Man Have Thin Calves? Force Him To Wear Wondersocks!

How often have you looked at a man and thought, Hmm, his calves are so wispy, how does he stand on such thin and branch-like legs? I know, it happens all the time, right? Given the immense problem of lack of robust calves, it’s wonderful that designer Herbert Lipah — who runs a second-hand lederhosen shop in Munich, Germany — has decided to tackle the problem head on. He’s created the Wondersock, a padded insert men can stuff into high socks to give their calves added heft and muscularity. Lipah calls his product “First Royal Bavarian Calf Implants” and refers to them as “the Wonderbra for men.” We say, hey, if they help a dude feel better about his scrawny legs, then sure. And it seems like a whole lot less invasive than getting calf implants. [Gawker]