Ask The Underwear Expert: “Help My Post-Pregnancy Boobs!”

You’ve given birth and now your boobs are just … different. How do you find a bra for post-pregnancy breasts — one that doesn’t smoosh ‘em down, but doesn’t turn ‘em into crazy bullet boobs either. We took it to our resident underwear expert Brianna, and she’s kindly answered our pressing breast questions after the jump. And remember, if you’ve {encode=”[email protected]” title=”got a question”} for Brianna, we’ll be happy to send it along!

“I have a five-year-old daughter and while the rest of my body has pretty much returned to its pre-pregnancy state, my boobs have not. I don’t have huge breasts, but they are way saggier than they used to be, and they seem to have, uh, spread out more. I’m not interested in having my breasts look like cones — I don’t want major padding or stiffness — but I just want more support. What do you recommend?”

I hear ya, honey. While kids may inflate your life with laughter and cheer, bringing them into the world deflates your pride and joy, if you know what we mean. So you’ve got a few options here—you say you don’t have huge breasts, so my solution is to make the most of what you’ve got. You need something that will lift up and provide a mold for your breasts to fill. Since padding isn’t your thing, you should try a 3-part cup bra. The cups are seamed to create 3 distinct portions that offer amazing uplift and shape—they really lift the girls up and out. Since you’re not too busty to begin with, you won’t get too much projection or that cone effect. One of our favorites is the Chantelle C-Chic. You can also try a balconette style bra that lifts everything up from beneath, like the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Satin Sculpt Balconet. Still another option is a contour bra that’s sculpted with a light amount of padding to give the girls support and a slight boost that won’t add any size, like the Maidenform Custom Lift Demi.

Since you find yourself here with three completely different types of bras, you must be super confused. We would be too. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just try them all on to see which one is best without paying for them up front? Well now the folks at Freshpair are donning the wand and saying “bippety-boppety-bra!” and granting your wish. Their ingenious new At Home Bra Fitting program pairs you up with a personal fit specialist who will chat it up for 15 minutes over the phone to see what’s up with your bra situation (be sure to mention my golden advice), then hook you up with a whole slew of bras sent to your home for free. Try them on with your own clothes, see what you love, and if you want to keep any, just keep ‘em and send back the ones you don’t and you’ll be billed after that. And shipping is free both ways. You can either call 866-663-6613 or shoot an email to {encode=”[email protected]” title=”[email protected]”} to get started. Good luck, sister!