Morning Quickies: Conan Stares At Nicole Scherzinger’s Boobs & “Two And A Half Men” Breaks Record

  • Conan O’Brien got busted staring at Nicole Scherzinger’s chesticles. [Team Coco]
  • A former Playboy Bunny blasts NBC’s new show “The Playboy Club.” You mean it’s not accurate? Shocking! [Huffington Post]
  • Nicholas Sparks, the man who wrote The Notebook and Dear John, amongst others, is creating a TV show. Get your Kleenex ready! [Videogum]

  • So, 27.8 million people watched the premiere of “Two and a Half Men” this week, undoubtedly because they wanted to find out how Charlie Sheen’s character dies. But can the show sustain the hype for the rest of the season with Ashton Kutcher leading the cast? [Access Hollywood]
  • New York bids goodbye to long-running soap opera “All My Children” with an insanely comprehensive flowchart. Props. []
  • Because “Oreo crumbs should never go to waste,” some (stoned?) genius invented a tea bag-like contraption so you can steep them in a glass of milk. [The Daily What]
  • “Glee”‘s Ryan Murphy wants to pen a musical for Gwyneth Paltrow. [E! Online]