The Good, The Bad & The WTF: “Dancing With The Stars,” Take One

I won’t lie to you guys. I can’t watch “Dancing with the Stars” all the way through—it’s just so much filler. But that said, I do like to record it and fast forward to the performances. I have to say that last night, I was pretty impressed by the crew’s first efforts—from Chynna Phillip’s “I Dream of Jeannie” get-up to Chaz Bono’s gleeful smile as he danced. After the jump, the best, the worst, and most WTF performances of the night.The Good:

I am shocked to find myself rooting for David Arquette over Ricki Lake and Chynna Phillips. Here, check out his very impressive Viennese Waltz. While he does look a little Officer Dewey every now and then in the face, his moves are so confident and smooth. And I loved that he danced to one of my favorite songs, “Somebody To Love.” But the best part was when Courteney Cox and daughter Coco were shown in the audience. “Coco’s just so beautiful,” said David, getting emotional. “She’s the love of my life.” Awwww.

The Bad:

Nancy Grace decided to pay homage to her newscaster roots, starting out her performance behind a news desk. Then she awkwardly stood up and strutted toward the dance floor, stripping off her blazer as she went. The whole thing was stilted and the opposite of sexy. Fail.

The WTF:

I expected Elisabetta Canalis to rock this competition. But she was kind of a hot mess. She tried to cover up the fact that she can’t actually dance by doing lots of sexy hip shimmies and hair tosses. In the end, thanks to starting out their performance in bed and going for a super awkward kiss in the middle of their routine, the whole thing reeked of desperation.