My Dream Work Space Because The Current One Sucks

My Dream Work Space
Working from home isn’t glamorous! Just let me tell you about my typical work day to explain. I climb out of my loft bed and leave on exactly what I slept in. Sometimes I brush my teeth and wash my face first thing; other times I wait a few hours. Then, I walk into my living room where my “office” is. Basically, I have a plush chaise that’s wide enough for me to work and my fat cat to sleep next to me. It’s comfy most of the time, but, occasionally, I get a pain in my tailbone from having too much pressure on it for hours at a time. Not to mention, my cat sheds about a pound of hair a day, so I’ve taken to draping my chaise in a sheet. Obviously, this isn’t the ideal work-from-home setup. So I allowed myself to daydream about how I would decorate my dream work space. Maybe this will inspire me to actually do it. And don’t forget to tell us: How would you build your perfect work space?
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