Morning Quickies: Sarah Palin Kicked Out Houseguest Over Baby Oil

  • Sarah Palin once asked Todd to kick a houseguest out of their Wasilla home because she was suspicious the baby oil on his bedside table was being used for sex, according to Joe McGinniss’s scandalous new book The Rogue. According to the book, “Todd says, ‘I gotta talk to you guys. Sarah’s pissed. She found that big bottle of baby oil in your bedroom and she knows you guys are rubbin’ it on yourselves and havin’ sex.’ My husband was like, ‘She uses it on her skin, dude.’ But Todd says, ‘Sarah wants you out. She’s really upset thinkin’ you’re in there having sex with baby oil.’ We left. We went to a motel.'” Yet another reason never to stay at Chez Palin. []

  • Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt will discuss his older brother Carter Vanderbilt’s suicide on an episode of Anderson’s talk show airing this afternoon. Carter Vanderbilt jumped off the family’s 14th floor penthouse in 1988 at age 23. [People]
  • John Mayer has canceled several concerts over an inflammation near his vocal chords and is pushing back the release of his next album until next year. [US Weekly]
  • Starlet drama! Sarah Hyland from “Modern Family” has apologized for mocking the way Lea Michele poses on red carpets. [Huffington Post]
  • Radiohead will perform on the first-ever hour-long episode of “The Colbert Report,” where the band will perform four songs and give a long interview. [PopDust]
  • Right-wing lipreaders (did you even know those existed?!) are accusing First Lady Michelle Obama of bad-mouthing the flag at a ceremony for 9/11 victims. Lipreaders claim FLOTUS says “all this just for a flag,” “all that for a flag,” or “all of this for a damn flag” to her husband, who then nods in agreement. Somehow, I find this suspect. [The Week]

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