Girls Wear Too Much Makeup, So UK School Removes Mirrors From Girls’ Bathrooms

Talk about an “extreme makeover”: a UK high school removed mirrors from the girls’ bathrooms after girls flouted the dress code rules about makeup. Shelley College in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, once allowed female pupils over age 14 to wear “discreet” makeup. But “five or six girls … the ones who wear the most makeup” continually overdid it in the tastefulness department, so the school felt forced to respond. Now all female students except for those in their six form (the British equivalent of 12th grade) are forbidden from wearing makeup at school and mirrors have been removed from the girls’ bathrooms to boot! “There comes a point when you need to stop teachers spending half an hour in the day talking to girls about their make-up,” the school principal told the UK’s Daily Mail. “It is more sensible to say it’s not allowed.” All teachers have been given makeup remover in case a girl runs afoul of the ban. Overreaction? Or actually somewhat sensible? I’m generally against everyone being punished because of a couple of bad seeds. It’s not fair and that’s something I always hated when I was a (well-behaved) kid.

But I don’t think the spirit of banning makeup at school is too far removed from requiring students to wear uniforms. (Which, it is worth noting, the Shelley College students already wear.) Both are efforts to encourage kids focus on schoolwork at school, not their appearance. Obviously the school should focus primarily on teaching students. But I don’t have problems, in general, with these kinds of bans.

Removing mirrors from the bathroom, though? That’s harsh. What if some girl has spinach in her teeth?

[Daily Mail UK]

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