9 Ideas For Jessica Simpson’s New Album

After trying her hand at reality television and designing accessories, Jessica Simpson is finally ready to get back in the music game. She tweeted recently, “What kind of music would y’all want from me on my next album? Thinking about going back to the studio.” Because that’s normally a good way to find direction—ask your fans for it rather than follow your own instincts. But what the heck. If Jess wants ideas for her album, let’s give them to her after the jump.

  1. Obviously, she should try her hand at rap.
  2. Since both she and Ashlee have careers that are pretty much dead at the moment, maybe they can team up and call themselves 89 Degrees?
  3. She should do an album of ’80s television show theme song covers.
  4. I’d like to see her take things in a sexy direction with a club track called “Sexual Napalm.”
  5. She’s already done a Christmas album. So maybe she could do a Christmas in July album this time.
  6. Oh! Oh! She could team up with all her famous exes—Nick Lachey, John Mayer, Billy Corgan—and form them into a super-group.
  7. Since she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I’d love to see her do an album of educational songs for kids. So the future generation knows better.
  8. A concept album with each song about a different pair of slutty shoes from her collection.
  9. Jessica’s father knows best. An album duets with him.

What direction do you think Jessica should go in for her next album?

[Just Jared]

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