Becoming A Sara Rue Redhead? Here’s How To Do Your Makeup

Deciding to make a drastic hair color change is quite a daunting task, but figuring out how to adjust your makeup look can be even worse, especially if you’re going from dirty blond to Sara Rue red. Such is the dilemma of reader Rachel, who sent us a beauty distress mayday recently. You see, Rachel is worried about clashing her lip and eye colors with her new dark red hair, but she needn’t worry because TF has her covered. First off, let us congratulate Rachel for having the guts to go from one hair color extreme to another. Let us also say that we would never criticize or caution against wearing any color of eyeshadow, lipstick, or blush regardless of hair color. Makeup is supposed to be fun, right?! So if you like a particular color then, by golly, wear the hell out of it. It’s all about attitude, and don’t forget that makeup can be wiped or washed off.

All this being said, we do have some ideas and examples of eye and lip colors that look great with red hair. Rachel said in her S.O.S. that she has “pale skin, a scattering of freckles, and brown eyes.” So, we looked to three of our favorite gingers with similar coloring to see how they tackle the beauty dilemma: Sara Rue (obviously), Christina Hendricks, and Evan Rachel Wood. Keep clicking for our tips on the makeup to wear with red hair.