12 Ways To Impress Joe Manganiello, Now That He Is Single

Joe Manganiello made us swoon earlier this year when he said of his fiance, Audra Marie, “I always dreamed of finding someone who is beautiful and sweet, equal parts. And I did.” But sadly, the couple has split. Sources say the problem was that Joe was hesitating in picking a wedding date while Audra had already bought a dress, picked her bridesmaids, and started registering for gifts. Joe once said in an interview with Women’s Health that he takes breakups very seriously. “Once you’re a pickle, you can’t turn back into a cucumber,” he explained. “People just keep bouncing off their exes and wasting each other’s time. If you go back, you’ll be dealing with the same stuff that drove you apart in the first place.” So, we’re guessing it is totally over.

This is sad, but because Joe is one of the most desirable dudes in Tinseltown, it’s great news for the rest of female kind. Now we all have a chance! After the jump, some ways to impress Joe, should you ever meet him.

  1. Quote Shakespeare. Joe is a classically trained actor who loves the Bard.
  2. Talk to him about Pittsburgh. Specifically, the Steelers. It’s his hometown and he’s very proud. He even made a short documentary in 2007 called “DieHardz” about Steelers fans.
  3. Make him chicken and waffles. It’s his favorite food—the first thing he goes for when he takes a break from his workout schedule.
  4. Let him pay on a date. He told Women’s Health magazine, “Men are hunters by nature; we used to drag home dinner for the family to eat. I feel best when I’m taking care of my woman. I’m old-fashioned.”
  5. Be inspiring. On what makes a woman marriage material, he said, “If she inspires you to take over the world and be a better man.”
  6. Tell him he’s your super hero. Apparently, it bums Joe out that he hasn’t had a chance to play one yet. When he first moved to LA to make it as an actor, he auditioned for Peter Parker in “Spider-man.” He was also in the running for the new “Superman,” but couldn’t do it because of his “True Blood” schedule.
  7. Make references to The Punisher. He loves the dark comic and says he would like a shot at the title role.
  8. Don’t sit on his lap. He was apparently offended when a fan tried this for a photo opp.
  9. Don’t mention his Taco Bell commercial. It can’t be the work he’s most proud of.
  10. Start listening to Goldfinger. Because he was once a roadie for the band.
  11. Become an Ayn Rand fan. Joe has said that The Fountainhead is his favorite book. Start quoting it.
  12. Be Rose McGowan. Joe was apparently seen “cozying up” to her at a Fashion Week party. Which makes sense, because she is one of the most gorgeous people ever. Sigh.

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