Really Cool Thing Worth Checking Out: The Sketchbook Project

This past weekend I stumbled into the Brooklyn headquarters of the Sketchbook Project and I’m now one of its biggest fans. Around for the past six years, the Sketchbook Project is a traveling library of artist sketchbooks that has a permanent home in Brooklyn. Visitors to the project can browse through and explore literally thousands of artists’ books, and see the creative process at work. Those who don’t live along the tour — Chicago, Portland (Maine and Oregon), Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, London, Melbourne and Vancouver and L.A. — can also flip through thousands of books online, searching by artist, theme or location.

And that’s not all!The Sketchbook Project is always looking for more participating artists. If you’re interested in working on a sketchbook for the 2012 sketchbook collection, you can sign up online and choose one of the themes given (or have the organizers pick a theme for you). So what are you waiting for? Get a sketchbook and start drawing! [The Sketchbook Project]