My Embarrassing Run-In With Tavi Gevinson

Before working at The Frisky, I spent a few years writing for both music magazines and gossip mags. And it was funny, because the people you’d think I’d get nervous to talk to, I didn’t necessarily, while others left me sweaty palmed and dry mouthed. Michel Gondry? We joked around and took a bunch of stupid snapshots. Me and Andrew WK had a life-changingly good chat. And I once took comedians Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain to a frat party and it was totally fun. But when I had the chance to meet Blake Schwarzenbach from the band Jawbreaker, I ran away from him because i was afraid I was going to say something really stupid.

This is all to say that fandom and idol worship is completely relative and weird and individualistic. And so it was when I spotted tiny, adorable, and completely incredible Tavi Gevinson out front of the Ace Hotel the other day. I love her. I admire her. And I totally fanned out on her. You think: This is a 15-year-old blogger, how cool can she possibly be? She’s so cool she doesn’t even try to be cool. She was standing with a guy I presume was her dad, and I walked right up to her, towering over her in my heels, and said: “HI TAVIMYNAMEISJULIEI’MABLOGGERFORTHEFRISKY. I just wanna say I LOVE WHAT YOU DO. I LOVE YOUR MAGAZINE. Just wanted to say I think you’re awesome.” To which Tavi kindly replied “Thanks” and backed away slowly. My grown ass woman self beamed proudly and walked into the bar to meet my fellow adult friend. I excitedly relayed the story. He absolutely did not care.

So, I want to know — when was the last time you fanned out on somebody?