A Tattooing Competition Show? “Best Ink” Sounds Awesome!

I’ve watched reality shows where contestants design clothes. I’ve watched reality shows were contestants cook. I’ve watched reality shows where contestants cut hair. I’ve watched reality shows were contestants design rooms, write magazine layouts, make creme brulee, etc, etc. So you best bet that I will be watching Oxygen’s “Best Ink,” a series the network greenlit last week. Why? Because it’s a reality competition series for tattoo artists. Ten tattoo artists will compete to see who is the best, and the winner will take home $100K plus a cover story in Tattoo Magazine.

Umm, why did no one think of this sooner? Sure, this show is related to “Miami Ink” and its spin-offs, but those series perpetually bored me because they insist on giving the (usually sad, usually involving a dead relative or friend) story of why a person wants a specific tattoo. Watching tattoo artists compete will be far more entertaining, because I’m betting they will have fascinating personalities. We’ll see different styles and tattooing philosophies. Not to mention that if the show follows the genre formula, contestants will be given weekly tattooing challenges. Hopefully, they’ll be executing their work on people. That’s a little higher commitment than models wearing a dress to an event or getting their hair trimmed. So here’s hoping their work is awesome!

All I have to say is, good thinking Oxygen. Sure, this feels like a really random show for a female focused network, but hey, I’m all for it.


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