Today’s Lady News: Let’s Stop Blaming Victims Of Hackers (Who Happen To Have Nude Pics)

  • This needs to be said: Let’s stop blaming Scarlett Johansson and the other victims of nude pic hackers, shall we? [How About We]
  • Teonna Brown, a Maryland teenager, was sentenced to five years in prison yesterday for beating a transgender woman inside a McDonald’s. Brown plead guilty to first-degree assault and a hate crime for the disturbing attack, which was caught on video and posted online. [AP]
  • A writer for xoJane on being in an abusive marriage — and how she left. [xoJane]

  • Elizabeth Warren, a former White House financial reform advisor, will announce her campaign to challenge Sen. Scott Brown (R) for his seat in Massachusetts. [Talking Points Memo]
  • Minnesota mother Tammy Aaberg, whose son Justin committed suicide last year because of anti-gay bullying, has collected 130,000 signatures in support of asking Rep. Michele Bachmann to condemn anti-gay bullying. Bachmann and her husband are controversial figures in the state of Minnesota for their affiliation with so-called “ex-gay therapy.” [Think Progress]
  • Given how the HPV vaccine is in the news, novelist Ayelet Waldman tweeted that she contracted HPV in a monogamous marriage (from her husband Michael Chabon) and got cancerous cervical lesions. The media, in its infinite wisdom, flipped out at Waldman’s “new height in oversharing.” [Feministe]
  • A bill to give domestic partnership protections to committed couples, including same-sex couples, has been introduced in both chambers of the state legislature, according to the group Equality Florida. [Think Progress]
  • A woman named Shoshana Hebshi, a half-Jewish and half-Arab woman from Ohio, claims she and two men were racially profiled on September 11 on an airplane about to take off. Hebshi said she was seated next to two Indian men and all three were removed from the flight and questioned by officials after the crew reported “suspicious activity on board.” Eventually all three were released. How embarrassing. [Racialicious]

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