Morning Quickies: Cameron Diaz & Alex Rodriguez Split

  • Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are dunzo. I think we can all agree we saw this one coming a mile away. So, which blonde actress will A-Rod hook up with next? [Celebuzz via Us Weekly]
  • Cyrus sperm alert: it turns out Brenda Song, the Disney Channel star who sources claimed was pregnant by Miley’s older brother Trace Cyrus, was never actually pregnant. Her mom told RadarOnline, “It’s very upsetting for our family.” [RadarOnline]
  • Emma Stone gets to play Ryan Gosling’s love interest again in yet another flick. Bitch. (Just kidding, Emma. We love you.) [Huffington Post]

  • The worst celebrity wax sculptures of all time. [Yahoo Shine]
  • Apparently Indonesia has a smoking baby “epidemic.” That’s beyond sad. [The Week]
  • How is it possible we never noticed Jon Hamm looks like a skinnier, hotter Fabio? [BuzzFeed]
  • This “Dr. Who” cat fort is nerdiness squared. [BuzzFeed]

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