Anderson Cooper Gets A Spray Tan With Snooki

Anderson Cooper is trying to be the next Oprah, or at least the new Ellen, with his talk show. For the first episode on Monday, he sat down for a tearful talk with Amy Winehouse’s family. But for the second, he went to get a spray tan with Snooki of “Jersey Shore.” “Oh my god, you’re pale,” says Snooki, upon seeing Anderson for the first time. “That’s scary. Don’t worry, this isn’t gonna hurt.”

“It might hurt my dignity,” responds Anderson.But that doesn’t stop him. He proceeds to strip down, put on a hair net, and get himself contoured with tanner. In the meantime, Snooki starts drooling. “I didn’t realize Mr. Cooper had muscles,” she said. But then again, she also reveals that she loves the smell of tanner, so the fumes might have effected her cognitive functioning. [NYMag]