And Now The Missoni For Target Backlash Begins

Customers craving the Missoni for Target line were sorely disappointed yesterday, when they found the collection sold out in a matter of hours — and sometimes minutes — online (when the site was working, that is) and in stores. To make matters worse, thousands of Missoni for Target items are now popping up on eBay, marked up by hundreds of dollars. It seems Missoni scalpers were able to get their hands on the goods where thousands of earnest consumers weren’t, and are now trying to make a quick buck of their booty. And as you can imagine, fans of the line are pissed — and they’ve taken to Twitter to discourage each other from purchasing the line off eBay. Instead, Target recommends exercising just a little bit of patience — the line will be restocked within a day or two, which shouldn’t be too long to wait for a new sweater or multicolored suitcase now, should it? [International Business Times]