Today’s Lady News: Dick Cheney Supports Gay Marriage On “The View”

  • Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne Cheney appeared on “The View” this morning and voiced their support for gay marriage. The Cheneys have a daughter who is a lesbian and partnered with two kids. He said, “I think freedom means freedom for everybody and you ought to have the right to make whatever choice you want to make with respect to your own personal situation.” We agree on something?!? Get the smelling salts, Amelia! I’m going to faint! [YouTube via Think Progress]
  • On Serena Williams and fear of the “angry black woman.” [Feministing]
  • Do you find the term “wifey” offensive? To be honest, I hadn’t given it any thought. [Essence]

  • Do professional athletes have a domestic violence problem? [Jezebel]
  • On Texas Governor Rick Perry, the HPV vaccine, and “bribery” versus lobbying. [Think Progress]
  • Speaking of Rick Perry, here’s a video of him trying to defend abstinence-only sex education (and failing). [Grist]
  • Nancy Harrington, former executive director of the Montgomery County Women’s Center in Texas, died last Thursday at age 56. Harrington encouraged the issuance of the first protective order in Montgomery County and was considered “the heart and soul” of the Women’s Center and Rape Crisis Center. [YourHoustonNews via Hay Ladies!]

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