Morning Quickies: Taylor Armstrong Sells Domestic Abuse Photos

  • Taylor Armstrong sold photos of her with a black eye (from the physical abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her late husband) to “Entertainment Tonight,” which aired three of the pics. The “Real Housewife” was reportedly beaten by her estranged hubby, Russell Armstrong, who committed suicide several weeks ago, and required plastic surgery to repair her injures. While domestic abuse is obviously horrible, I question the benefit of making the photos public now. What do Frisky readers think? [Celebitchy]
  • Meet your new Miss Universe: Leila Lopes a 25-year-old volunteer from Angola. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Celebs you might have seen in the audience at the US Open! [Celebuzz]

  • Please don’t make fun of your virgin friends. [How About We]
  • Megan Fox says she wants to have kids, but not until she has more money in the bank. Having kids must be a hell of a lot more expensive than I thought. [Daily Mail UK]
  • The Hairpin attempts to explain manufactured British tabloid celebs to American audiences. [The Awl]

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Image via “Entertainment Tonight”