10 Studies That “Prove” Things Women Already Know About Men

10 Studies That "Prove" Things Women Already Know About Men
BREAKING NEWS, ladies. You’re not going to believe this one: Guys believe discussing problems is a waste of time. I know you are so shocked you just fell off your chair. It turns out a study of 2,000 adolescents and children by the University of Missouri found that boys do not necessarily feel weak or embarrassed about talking about their feelings — they just simply think it’s stupid. Girls were more likely to feel positive feelings about sharing their feelings: they feel understood and loved. Boys, however, were more likely to think talking about problems would not be useful. Amanda J. Rose, a professor of psychological sciences who worked on the study, theorized this may explain why adult men sometimes shy away from uncomfortable discussions and “enga[ge] in different activities will take their minds off of the problem.” [Eureka Alert] Come on, researchers. You could watch Sammi and Ronnie on “Jersey Shore” and figure that one out. Alas, this is not the only “shocking” claim scientists have discovered about our XY-chromosomed brethren. And now in Sweeping Gender Generalizations news, nine more things that studies have “proved” about men that, duh, us women knew already.
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