The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The Season Finale Of “True Blood”

Can I just say that, for the record, I think it was kind of tacky of HBO to air the season finale of “True Blood” on 9/11? I’m not trying to say that yesterday should have been devoid of entertainment, but after an emotional day of watching the memorial service and television docs that recalled the violence of 2001, the last thing I was in the mood for was gore. Just sayin’—could HBO not have waited until next week to air the finale? Or at least started the season a week earlier? Feels like such a strange decision.

That said, last night’s episode was one of the best in a long time. After the jump, the good, bad, and WTF moments. The Good:

  • Lafayette’s sheets. They are leopard print and fuzzy. As they should be.
  • Halloween at Merlotte’s. Loved Terry’s hand sandwich, Arlene’s toe necklace, and the teenager dressed as Janelle from “Teen Mom.”
  • Alcide asks Sookie to cool it with the vamps. I wish he’d macked on her more because, obviously, she should be with him. But I’m glad he finally told her outright how worried he is that she keeps pulling herself into the deadly vampire drama.
  • This quote from Sookie as Holly smoked a joint. “When I’m high, it’s like the whole world is screaming at me.”
  • Holly and Gran save the day. Oh thank goodness that the writers decided to tie up the Lafayette-possessed-by-Marnie plot early in the episode. When Lafayette/Marnie tries to burn Bill and Eric at the stake, Holly has a plan to set a protection spell and raise the spirits of her, Sookie, and Tara’s ancestors. Gran and Antonia swoop in and convince Marni to give up.
  • Gran tells Sookie that there is nothing wrong with being alone. Listen to her!
  • Sookie’s cute brown leather jacket. Such an improvement on her usual sweater sets.
  • René tells Arlene to beware of Terry. Oh, I like the show’s original bad guy is back! And what a twist that Terry might not be as sweet as we think.
  • Jason uses a popsicle on his black eye. Good thinking.
  • Jessica in her Little Red Riding Hood costume. It was pretty hot when she and Jason did it on the couch with her cape still on.
  • Pam points out how stupid Sookie’s name is. And also expounds on her “faerie vagina.”
  • Bill and Eric wear matching robes as they feed on Sookie. The scene was meant to evoke Sookie’s threesome fantasy. But as Sookie tells both of the guys how much she loves them, she takes Gran and Alcide’s advice and breaks up with both of them. Good choice, Sookie!
  • Jesus says goodbye to Lafayette. Oh man. I felt so terrible for him, knowing that he killed his love. So I’m glad that Jesus got to reappear to him and say sweet things.
  • Reverend Steve Newlin is back! And now is a vampire after Jason!
  • Russell Edgerton has risen from his concrete grave! Scary!
  • Eric’s response to Nan storming into Bill’s house. “Hey Nan and gay storm troopers.” They are all promptly offed.
  • All the bright and sunny shots in the episode. That doesn’t happen to often.

The Bad:

  • The too saccharine scene of Sookie and Tara in the beginning of the episode. As soon as these two got teary eyed with each other, I knew that one of them was going to die by the end of the episode. Since it can’t really be Sookie, I knew Tara’s minutes were numbered. Also, since Sookie got wistful about Gran, who she’s mentioned like once in the past two episodes, I knew she would be coming back. Too obvious writing.
  • Lafayette-possessed-by-Marnie stabbing Jesus’ hand. And then, uh, later stabbing him in the chest and killing him. No!!!!
  • Hoyt beats up Jason after he tells him he has been sleeping with Jessica. That’s not how sweet Hoyt would react.
  • Debbie tries to kill Sookie. And instead ends up shooting off half of Tara’s head. Again, no!!!!!

The WTF:

  • Why, oh, why did the writers stick with the Marni plot line all season? And then bring in the real villains like Rene, Reverend Newlin, and Russell Edgerton at the end of the finale? These guys would have made for much more interesting television! Sticking with Marni for so long made me feel like this season was just kinda filler.
  • That shot of Jason naked, with a Miller Lite pillow over his junk. Though I guess Jason would drink Miller Lite.

What did you think of this season of “True Blood?” Will you be as rabid about watching it next season?

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