Morning Quickies: Amy Winehouse Died From Detoxing “To Excess,” Says Dad

  • Amy Winehouse may have died from an overdose of an anti-anxiety drug and a seizure she had during detox. Her father Mitch tells Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show “Anderson” that she “did detox to excess.” [People]
  • After drama last week surrounding Ali Lohan’s disturbing new appearance, big sister Lindsay Lohan tweeted that Ali looks “gorgeous” and “every runway model is just as thin.” []
  • Andy Whitfield from “Spartacus” died from cancer this weekend at age 39. So sad. [Dlisted]

  • Endearing himself to no one, Alex Baldwin tweeted a gripe about an “uptight” barista with “an attitude problem” at a New York City Starbucks. Really, you’re a millionaire celebrity and you’ve got to complain on Twitter about Starbucks baristas? [Gothamist]
  • Obviously you want to watch a slow loris getting brushed. [BuzzFeed]
  • Amelia is pretty sure Ryan Gosling is only hugging his mother in these pics. Let’s all go with that theory. [Celebuzz]
  • Watching just a few minutes of “SpongeBob Square Pants” impaired four-year-olds’ thinking. Hmm. But what’s the effect on stoned college kids? [LA Times]

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