A Cell Phone That Can Kiss You

It was only a matter of time beside someone decided to take sexting to the next level. A dude by the name of Fabian Hemmert, a designer at the Berlin University of the Arts, is working on three prototypes for phones that can give you actual physical affection that corresponds to the actions of the person on the other end of the line. One of the phones has a strap you wear around your hand that tightens—like a hand squeeze—when the person you are talking to ordains. Another prototype breathes sensually on your neck when someone breathes into their phone.

And then there’s the version that can actually kiss you.Yes, seriously. The phone incorporates a “wet sponge pushing against a membrane.” When the person on the other line kisses their phone, your phone kisses you. And it can differentiate between a quick peck and a full on makeout session.

“How do we make telecommunication more emotional and why do we want to do that?” Hemmert asks in a presentation he gave for TED in Berlin. “We want to be in touch, because the other person is not there … You get the question that arises: How much nearness do we want?”

And so I pose the question to you: how do you feel about the idea of holding your phone’s hand and/or making out with it?

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Photo: Brand X Pictures/ThinkStock

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