5 Tips For A Smooth Split When “You’re Just Not Into Him”

You know the time has come. He just isn’t the one for you and you know you’re going to break his heart. He’s been swooning over you for months and as much as you like hanging out with him, in the end, he simply doesn’t rock your boat. The excitement you felt when you first starting going out left some time ago. He’s been pressuring you for more time and more commitment but you simply resist. It’s gotten to the point when you start to avoid his phone calls and are easily annoyed with his anxious requests.It’s never easy or pleasant to hurt someone but there are ways to end a relationship that ease the agony while establishing firm boundaries. Here are some guidelines to follow:

1. Don’t make it about him. When you tell someone that “he is too this or not enough that” two reactions can occur. One, he can become defensive and attack you in return. Things can quickly turn ugly. And two, it gives him the opportunity to promise to be “more of this or less of that.” This can make an uncomfortable conversation even more uncomfortable as he pleads for another chance to make things better. Read more…

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