Today’s Lady News: Nancy Upton Wins American Apparel’s Plus-Size Model Contest

  • Nancy Upton, the winner of American Apparel’s plus-size model contest, penned an article about why she spoofed the fat-women-as-pigs stereotype in her submission photos. “[With the contest, t]he company was co-opting the mantra of plus-size empowerment and glazing it with its unmistakable brand of female objectification,” Upton wrote. “The puns, the insulting, giggly tones, and the over-used euphemisms for fat that were scattered throughout the campaign’s solicitation began to crystalize an opinion in my mind.” Make sure you read your whole piece, because it’s very thought-provoking. [The Daily Beast]
  • An Atlanta club promoter is offering discounts for his parties to African-American women with natural hair. Hmm, what do we think about this? [Clutch Magazine]
  • Why are TV shows losing women writers? Some veteran producers weigh in. [AOL TV]

  • Jacque Reid, former lead anchor on BET Nightly News, will debut on LX TV’s “New York Live,” a five o’clock news show in NYC on Monday. [Clutch Magazine]
  • “Feminist whore” was used as the placeholder text in the Dead Island video game, according to some PC users who downloaded a copy. Lovely. [The Mary Sue]
  • How not to talk to an Asian woman. [Feministing]
  • On transgender visibility in the workplace. [Girl With Pen]

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