The Good, The Bad, The WTF: A Meatball Fight On “Jersey Shore”

Well. I do not like this Snooki/Jionni relationship one bit. Who dares call Snooki a “bitch” and say she’s embarrassing? Like that’s a bad thing? Of course she’s embarrassing! She’s Snooki. And I kinda love how the roommates all closed ranks to get her to realize that Jionni is a putz that doesn’t deserve her. It was a brief, fleeting moment showing that even if they’re actually good people deep inside. (Sometimes. A little bit.)

Find out more about Snooki’s relationship drama — and the infamous “meatball fight” — after the jump!The Good:

  • Sammi is self-aware enough to realize that The Situation is milking his neck injury for sympathy. So, she’s not an idiot. Why can’t she be self-aware enough to stop this crap with Ronnie?
  • This quote from Ronnie to The Situation, when he’s trying to cheer him up after his neck injury: “It’s not about being tough!” Seriously, you guys, Ronnie is saying this.
  • Deena doing Pauly D’s hair was actually kind of sweet. And Pauly D and Vinny’s dress-up session as “guido toolbags” is the funniest thing that’s happened on the show in awhile. I’M GONNA FISTPUMP UNTIL MY ARM FALLS OFF.
  • Oh look, Ronnie and Sammi are having a conversation about their relationship sober.
  • I really love how J-Woww and Ronnie are standing up for Snooki when Jionni gets on her case for being crass and drinking too much. Let Snooki be Snooki!

The Bad:

  • The Situation is whining about how he wants to go home. Seriously, he can’t GTL for seven to 10 days while his neck heals and he wants to leave Italy? I would hate to see what’d happen if he had period cramps.
  • A priest tells Snooki to cover up her body when she walks in front of a church and she yells at him to shut up. How rude! This girl needs to Google the phrase “ugly American.”
  • Some girl throws a drink in Deena’s face at the club and she and Snooki start a “meatball fight.” Now, I would probably flip out, too, if someone threw a drink at me. But who are those two munchkins kidding that they can kick anyone’s ass?
  • Jionni calls Snooki a bitch. OH NO, YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT TO MY SNOOKI.

The WTF:

  • This quote from The Situation: “At least I know now not to bang my head into the wall anymore.”
  • The Situation seems constitutionally incapable of apologizing to Snooki for telling the whole house they slept together. Is it really that hard to say “I’m sorry”?
  • This quote from Snooki during the “meatball fight”: “I just go apesh*t like a squirrel monkey.” Love the mixed-animals colloquialisms.
  • Deena’s booty call Elis comes over with a hickey and tells her he got it from his sister. Come on now, Elis. You need a better excuse than that.

Do you think Snooki should dump Jionni based on the crappy way he is behaving? (He was in the audience when she was on “Chelsea Lately” last week, so they are definitely still together.) Let us know in the comments!

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