Jennifer Garner: Butter Sculptor?

Every now and then, the brief synopsis of a movie completely captures my attention. That’s exactly what’s happened with “Butter,” a Weinstein Company flick that is screening at the Toronto Film Festival and getting a touch of Oscar buzz. The concept? Jennifer Garner is a butter sculptor. More specifically, she is the wife of a legendary butter carver of the Iowa State Fair who decides to pick up a knife and sculpt on when he retires. Need more of a sell? The flick also stars Olivia Wilde as a stripper who Jennifer’s husband may have an affair with, Alicia Silverstone as the adopted mother of a 10-year-old butter carving genius who challenges Jennifer, and Hugh Jackman as Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend. In fact, Hugh says the movie is satire on par with “To Die For.” Because of Jennifer’s meticulous hair and super Christian morals in the movie, some have been pointing out her character’s similarities to Michelle Bachmann. But the flick was actually written far before Bachmann’s rise. The movie’s director actually had a different political allegory in mind. “Bill Clinton was this much-loved president, who maybe was not so discreet with his sexual love, and Hillary stood in the shadows very quietly supporting him,” he explains. “After his two terms were up, there was a sense of Hillary saying, ‘My turn now.’”

The non-Toronto Film Festival attending among us will sadly have to wait until October for this one.

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