How Shocking: John Galliano Guilty Of Racism

Good news for people who hate bad guys: After six months of legal jimmerjammer, John Galliano, the former fashion designer for Christian Dior, was found guilty of “public insults toward persons on the basis of their religion or origin.” Galliano, if you remember, famously got caught shouting racist and anti-Semitic remarks at fellow patrons at a Paris cafe this past year. The verdict was seen as a success, except that, well, his conviction actually comes with no punishment. The judge gave Galliano a suspended fine of €6,000 euro, though he will have to pay more than €16,000 in legal fees for the plaintiffs. Quite a deal, considering plaintiff Philippe Virgitti initially asked the courts for €220,000 in pain and suffering, after Galliano called him a “f**king Asian bastard.” [MSNBC]