Let’s Talk About Ali Lohan’s Sudden Change In Appearance

“Ali Lohan Has A New Face.” “A 17-year-old shouldn’t have a plastic surgeon playing Frankenstein with her face.” “Ali Lohan Gets Crazy Plastic Surgery, No Longer Looks Like A Lohan.” “R.I.P. Ali Lohan‘s old face, 1993-2011.” These are just a few of the headlines and comments being written about Lindsay Lohan’s younger sister Ali, who recently signed a contract with NEXT Model Management. Clearly Ali looks shockingly different in this recent photo (you can see others here) than she did just two years ago (inset). Her lips appear to be a bit fuller, her cheekbones are more pronounced, and her eyes seem wider; the general consensus among writers on the internet is that she’s had drastic plastic surgery. But while I wouldn’t put it past Dina Lohan to give the thumbs up to her 17-year-old putting her face under the scalpel, my first thought upon seeing these photos was, Oh my god, she must have an eating disorder.I have about as much “proof” of this as those who assume she’s had plastic surgery, but I am aware that bringing the theory up is problematic. Ali is still a child, though arguably one who has been thrust into the adult world of Hollywood and the modeling industry. My impressions of her health, considering I’m not her doctor, should obviously be taken with a grain of salt. With all that being said, the girl has taken on a job where the predominate focus is on the way she looks; to ignore the sudden change in her appearance, I think, is dangerous, but should of course be handled with sensitivity. I think that’s why the cavalier headlines and comments about her “new face” bother me; the chance that it could be health-related seems too great to me.

My best friend since childhood suffered from severe anorexia for a number of years. At 5’9, the lowest she weighed was 79 pounds. (She’s been in recovery a few years and is doing very well now.) After not seeing her for years, her appearance was absolutely shocking. It was clear she was very sick — her arms were painfully thin and her clothes hung off her body. But the biggest change could be seen in her face; what was once full and supple was suddenly hollow, her features more pronounced. When I look at Ali, I can’t help but think of my best friend. I see the same signs in her face — the fuller-seeming lips, pronounced cheekbones and wider eyes popping against a now shrunken canvas.

Ali, of course, is not my friend and I certainly hope I am wrong and that Ali is in fine physical and mental health. I also hope that if that is the case, this new look isn’t the result of major plastic surgery, as that is a whole other kind of disturbing. Maybe, just maybe, Ali’s face and body have changed more drastically than most of us as the result of puberty; that would be a relief.

What do you think is going on with Ali’s sudden change in appearance? Do you think it’s a topic that should be off-limits, even if she is in the public eye and working in the modeling industry? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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