Come On Down … You’re The Next Sexual Harassment Victim On “The Price Is Right”!

We hoped that the sexual harassment accusations would be over when Bob Barker retired as the host of “The Price Is Right.” All we wanted was to enjoy a good round of Plinko without worrying who may be “plinking” backstage. But unfortunately, the accusations are continuing into the Drew Carey era. Another one of the show’s “beauties” has filed a lawsuit, this time against two of the game show’s producers.Lanisha Cole, a long time showcaser of new cars and home entertainment systems, claims that producer Michael Richards was playing favorites with a model he was pursuing off set. Even worse is her complaint against Adam Sandler (not to be confused with the actor), who she says burst into her dressing room to berate her for not wearing a microphone. Even though she was clad in nothing but a “very sheer” thong and there were other models in the room, he was not deterred and proceeded with his humiliating tirade.

The only silver lining on this “Price Is Right” harassment cloud is confirmation that Drew Carey was not responsible for any of the perviness — Lanisha made his innocence perfectly clear. She’s looking forward to her showcase showdown in court, where she’s hoping to be a big winner. In the meantime, the game show should help control their harasser population by having their producers spayed or neutered.

[NY Daily News]

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