Celine Dion’s Burglar Draws Bath, Eats Food From Her Fridge

I’m pretty fascinated by the tale of the 36-year-old man who broke into Celine Dion’s house in Montreal. The dude apparently got in the house by jumping a fence, opening an unlocked car door, and rummaging for a garage door opener. (Note to Celine: Always lock your car doors, lady. Seriously.) Interestingly, this guy didn’t break in to steal anything. No, it seems more like he felt like he belonged there. “He opened the water faucets, was pouring a nice warmish bath. He even managed to eat some pastry that was in the fridge,” a police spokesman said. He even seemed genuinely surprised when police officers arrived on the scene. “The suspect was coming down the big staircase and was asking: ‘Hey, guys what are you doing here?'”

This reminds me a lot of the infamous Brad Pitt stalker. Athena Marie Rolando was 19-years-old when she climbed a fence, opened an unlocked window, and snuck into Brad’s home in 1999. Brad wasn’t home at the time, so Athena rummaged through his closet, put on one of his sweatsuits. And then she curled up for a nap in his bed. Apparently, Rolando had sent Brad many letters and gifts over the years, and had even placed a curse on Gwyneth Paltrow when she was dating the actor. In the end, Brad got a restraining order against her.

This has me wondering—what is going on here psychologically? Are these people convinced that they know the objects of their affection to the point where their casa is su casa? Are they looking for intimate familiarity with the star? Is this related to why people buy locks of hair on eBay? It all seems so strange.

[NY Daily News]

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